Welcome to Arillas-Soundgarden,

A magical space in the olive groves overlooking the Ionian Sea, nestled in the lush hills above a vibrant costal village, popular with alternative international tourism, a well-equipped all-year event and retreat location was co-created by man and nature to serve as a high vibrational field to connect, retreat, celebrate, move, listen, dance and transform.

With its enchanted outdoor (Under the Flower, The Olive Tree Stage, The Olive Grove Floor, Outdoor Kitchen, Around the Fire) and indoor (The Tree-Temple) spaces and high-end sound system, concert supplies, instruments, Yoga mats and more Arillas-Soundgarden offers ideal conditions to create and experience memorable moments.

The Flower and the Olive Trees
Arillas Soundgarden – Welcome Kids


Arillas Soundgarden – Sunset on Arillas

The village of Arillas is a thriving costal community in the northwest of the all-year green island of Corfu, Greece.

The area is especially popular with alternative individual tourism from all over the world, attracted by the unique combination of beautiful beaches, idyllic Greek life, international festivals, retreats, gatherings and spiritual offerings as well as an extensive variety of holistic healing options. In the last years Arillas has become one of the hotspots for alternative tourism in Greece.

Arillas Soundgarden – Location Corfu

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Prime Concerts on the Olive Tree Stage, Cozy Concert under The Flower, Ceremonies around the Fire and Ecstatic Dancing in all the Garden.

At Arillas Soundgarden fine sounds and enchanted atmosphere inside the magical gardens create the ideal conditions for memorable events. The different stage and setting options accommodate intimate concerts as well as big events with lots of seating as well as space to dance and move all around the old olive trees that gracefully hold the space.

Everything at Arillas-Soundgarden is located harmoniously inside the 1200 sqm garden. The impressive old olive trees are giving shade during the day and lighting up magically at night while many also hold and hide the speakers for balanced high end sound all around the garden.

Arillas Soundgarden – Music Live Act
Arillas Soundgarden - Live Concert at Sunset
Arillas Soundgarden – Ecstatic Dance Live DJ

Ecstatic Dance is the vibrant heartbeat of Soundgarden. The all-year conscious dance event features international and local DJs and attracts lovers of free ecstatic dancing from all over the world.

In the summer the dance is happening several times a week in all the Garden, while in the winter the local community is gathering weekly in the Tree-Temple to celebrate their Sunday dance together.

Ecstatic Dance is a danced meditation that frees people from things they are stuck in. We always start with very soft and calm music. In about 2 hours, the music slowly transforms the energy into one or two high beat peeks to really get the dancers into ecstasy. During the dance we go through different energies - sadness, anger, happiness, freedom, peace. At the end there is a calming down phase to bring the dancers to lay on the ground in silence for some more minutes to integrate their inner processes that unfolded during the dance.

Ecstatic Dance is held in a safe environment without conversations, phones, alcohol, intoxicants, observers, judgements - so you can dance spontaneously like nobody is watching.

Arillas Soundgarden – People in Flow – Ecstatic Dance


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The flower as a central element unites people and activities.


Under The Flower

In the core of the outside space the 6 meter high Flower overlooks the wooden circular dancefloor/tribune creating a unique fairytale atmosphere, where you can literally experience being Under the Flower while watching the sunset, dancing, listening to concerts, attending a Yoga class. The Flower is giving shade during the day and pulsating in warm colours at night, turning the space into a magical world of its own kind.

Arillas Soundgarden - People sitting under the Flower
Arillas Soundgarden - People Meditation under the Flower
Arillas Soundgarden – The Olive Grove Floor

The Olive Groove Floor

The Olive Groove Floor is a 200sqm large level area next to Under The Flower and surrounded by beautiful old olive trees with the perfect smooth dancefloor for barefoot dancing, Yoga and more. The high-end sound system spread evenly in the trees around the whole outside area creates an even balanced audible experience that inspired the name of the place “Soundgarden”.

Arillas Soundgarden – The Olive Grove Floor

On the Olive Tree Stage

Stretched between two old olive trees is our main concert stage, the Olive Tree Stage.

Visible from all of the garden and with the amazing backdrop of the Ionian sea and the sunset behind it, the stage offers a unique picture perfect and high end concert setting.

Arillas Soundgarden – The Live Stage
Arillas Soundgarden – Kids listining to music
Arillas Soundgarden - People round the Fire

Around the Fire

Round up the day with gathering around the fire and under the stars. In between the olive trees with sunset and sea view a round stone framed bonfire place provides the perfect setting for ceremonies around the fire.

Arillas Soundgarden - People round the Fire

Outdoor kitchen & dining

Attached to the Tree-Temple our outdoor kitchen and dining area provides shaded and rain protected prep and dining space for your break times, with a wood fire pizza oven, gas stove, fridge and easy access for catering services.

Arillas Soundgarden - The open kitchen
Arillas Soundgarden - The chef prepares fresh pizza
Arillas Soundgarden – The Tree Temple

Inside the Tree-Temple

16 pure tree trunks seem to be dancing while effortlessly carrying the roof with dome light of this wooden 100sqm Temple space. The multipurpose room with a warm earthy atmosphere and large windows to the garden that bring the outside in, is equipped with a full sound system, light system, heating, ACs, beamer and washroom, offering optimal conditions to provide a comfortable held space all year round for retreats, concerts, workshops, events, Ecstatic Dance.

Arillas Soundgarden – The Tree Temple


Host your Festival, Retreat, Workshop or Training at Arillas Soundgarden.

The multipurpose outdoor and indoor spaces are suitable for small intimate gatherings as well as big groups or festivals with up to 300 people. Fully equipped and with high quality sound system at site, mixers, mics, mic stands, yoga mats, pillows, blankets, many instruments, stage lights, outdoor kitchen and dining space, AC, heating as well as privacy, good road access and surrounded by pure nature. To create your individual arrangement please send your enquiry, we are looking forward to welcoming you at Arillas Soundgarden.

Arillas Soundgarden – Happy and relaxed People
Arillas Soundgarden - Yoga Practice under the Flower

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